Version 1.7 available for download

Version 1.7 of Mappero Geotagger for Linux, macOS and Windows has been published into this site. As a matter of fact, version 1.7 was tagged more than a month ago, and it has since been available in the macOS store; also, daily builds for Ubuntu users are produced in this PPA, but users of other distributions and Windows users were left out.

So, while the usual distribution methods continue to be available, from now on you can also get Mappero Geotagger from this website, for Windows, macOS and all flavors of Linux.

As you might soon discover, if you head to the front page and hit the “Download” button, Mappero Geotagger must actually be purchased. This is not contradicting the Open Source license of it, and I will be certainly not against if someone redistributes the application to friends or even uploads it to a website — the more people know about it, the better!

But as I'm teared apart different projects and duties, I also need to find some stimulus to continue developing the application and dedicate it the care it needs. That's why the purchase page is there, and that's why I appreciate a donation if you got Mappero Geotagger for free.

That said, if you feel you cannot afford it, or would simply like to try the application before buying it, you are always welcome to contact me by writing an e-mail (my address is found at the bottom of every page), and I will send you a version free of charge.

Also, should you find any issues with the application, don't hesitate to report them in the bug tracker.