Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I...?

What are Mappero Geotagger's selling points?

  • Automatic downloading of maps from OpenStreetMap and many other map providers.

  • Visualize existing location information by showing your photos on a map.

  • Set or modify geolocation information by dragging pictures on the map.

  • Visualization of GPX and KML GPS tracks.

  • Automatic assignment of location information by correlating the time of the photos with the times of a GPX track (this process is often called correlation).

  • Graphic visualization of the photos on the map during the GPX correlation operation, with controls to specify time zone offset and fine-grained time adjustment.

Are video files supported?

No, at the moment they are not supported. If you are interested in this feature, please let me know: given the amount of work required to implement it, it's important to me to understand how many users would benefit from it.

Can I see it action?

Sure you can. A long time ago I made a short video showcasing its features; it's showing a rather early version of Mappero Geotagger, but it should be enough to give you an idea of how the application works. Click here to watch it!

How much does it cost?

Mappero Geotagger is Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), meaning that everyone is free to redistribute it, for free or for a fee, provided that the source code for any modifications is also distributed. In practice, you can download Mappero Geotagger for a small fee from this website, or it's also available for purchase in the Apple store.

Of course, given the open source nature of the project, you might be able to find it available free of charge in some remote corner of the interwebs. And, what's more important, if you cannot afford it, or would rather like to try it before buying it, you are certainly welcome to write me in person. A few kind words can do miracles.

How can I support Mappero Geotagger's development?

You can contribute code, bug reports, new ideas or translations at the project development site, or you can contribute with a donation here, if you got the program for free.

Another good way to help the project is just to spread the word about it.

I like this application! Do you have other stuff for us photographers?

Yes, I do! I happen to be also the author of PhotoTeleport, which can upload your photos to multiple sites at once, along with a description and tags, and Imaginario, a photo manager application (still under heavy development, but already usable).