Mappero Geotagger is developed in my spare time. This is a small site I've setup to promote it, and if you can support me by buying the application, that's the best way to stimulate me to actively continue its development.

On the other hand, I believe in open source and for this reason you can also just get the source code and build it yourself; or, more simply, find it somewhere online. Another way to get it is just asking me: if you tell me which operating system you use, I'll send you a link (you can find my email at the very bottom of every page in this website). Don't be shy!

If you got Mappero Geotagger for free, you cannot overestimate the effect of a donation on my morale, no matter how small it is.

Using PayPal

It couldn't be simpler: just click on this link and follow the instructions.

Using Yandex

Yandex's donation form (if you see a “₽” symbol in the amount field, please use a currency converter and enter the amount in Russian rubles):