Mappero Geotagger

When geotagging meets fun.

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Simple and immediate

Just drag and drop your photos into Mappero Geotagger, then use the map marker to assign them a location. The information will be saved into the image's metadata.

Open source

Mappero Gaotagger is open source software: everyone is welcome to contribute to its development.

Record your walks!

If you use an application or a device to record your walks in a GPX or KML file, you can import the tracks in Mappero Geotagger: time correlation will happen automatically and your photos will be placed where they need to be.

Latest news

  • - Version 1.10 is out!

    Another release of Mappero Geotagger is waiting for you! Version 1.10 is mainly a bugfix release, bringing you the following:

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  • - Version 1.9 is released!

    Mappero Geotagger 1.9 has been released last weekend. The attentive reader might notice that I skipped a release, and while version 1.8 indeed made a brief appearance in the Apple Store, it was never announced on this site.

    Here's the list of changes since the last public release (1.7):

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  • - Version 1.7 available for download

    Version 1.7 of Mappero Geotagger for Linux, macOS and Windows has been published into this site. As a matter of fact, version 1.7 was tagged more than a month ago, and it has since been available in the macOS store; also, daily builds for Ubuntu users are produced in this PPA, but users of other distributions and Windows users were left out.

    So, while the usual distribution methods continue to be available, from now on you can also get Mappero Geotagger from this website, for Windows, macOS and all flavors of Linux.

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  • - New website

    Now Mappero Geotagger has a website of its own, albeit quite primitive. The old page will no longer be updated, and while news on the development of Mappero might still make an appearance in my personal blog, from now on the official news roll for Mappero is going to be this website's “News” section.

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